Keeping Track of it All

At each wharf, crates are unloaded and tagged with the Fisher's ID number; a barcode is also placed on each crate, so we can trace from which Fisher the catch was purchased. The crate is weighed and scanned so we can record the data into our system. This data tells us who the Fisher is, the weight of each crate from the catch, as well as the time and date, and the area in which it was caught. All of this information is recorded to a receipt and a copy of the receipt is printed for the Fisher. Our scanning system and traceability procedure ensures that both Lobsters ’R’ Us and the Fishers have knowledge of, and accountability for, each and every catch.

We bring lobster into our plant by crate; each crate is weighed and scanned which records the Fishers’ exact catch for that day. Any catch issues are identified and immediately recorded into our database via barcode and a Quality Assurance (QA) Report. Individual QA Reports are provided to the Fishers on a weekly basis; that way, both Lobsters ‘R’ Us and the Fishers are knowledgeable about the quality of their catches.

Scanning and traceability is vital in order for us to provide the freshest and highest grade product to our clients. We know where the lobster is at all times – from sorting and grading, to storage and shipment, and to its final destination.

Our traceability program gives Lobsters ‘R’ Us, and the local Fishers, complete accountability for our product and a guarantee that they will remain in pristine condition - from the time they are lifted out of the sea, to the moment they reach the table.